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We Design & Manufacture High Quality; High Tech Sports Products that increase Sports Franchise visibility while increasing franchise brand strength. Our Mission is to create provide cutting edge Sports-related technology products that provide the highest levels of comfort and aesthetics. As our name suggests; Near-Field Technologies, Our Products are designed to be used alongside the sports field to aid and increase franchise visibility while increasing the sports team’s operational efficiency.

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Sports Fans experience pleasure and satisfaction with successful teams,” writes Baylor University marketing professor Kirk L. Sports Success can, of course, be conveyed in a lot of ways with the most recognizable way in sports being through simply attracting the best talent and winning matches on the Field of Play, but another more salient means is to strengthen the franchise brand and reach. Near-Field Technologies Products offers the sports franchise the opportunity to seamlessly leverage this principle and thus increase spectator value and increase revenue.

Sports Franchise Success & Profitability hinges on four factors

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