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The Apollo - XJ1

The Apollo-XJ1 is our newest and latest Sports Studio.

The XJ1 has undergone our rigorous Product Development lifecycle: Conceptualisation, Design, Development and Manufacturing. This means that our cutting edge product not only pushes innovative boundaries but carries with it an ISO 9001:2015 certification. The XJ1 is simply designed to provide undisturbed on-field views to the Technical Team and never been seen before levels of comfort and convenience, leaving the Technical Team to do what they do and love best: Engage and support the team on the field of play. See Product Specification for Features.

Body-embracing High Back Design

Endowed with ergonomic design created especially for high performing athletes, The XJ1 Sports Seat has been created to comfortably support the athletes body. Its high back structure will properly support your lower back, minimizing tension on the athletes back.

Unparalleled Comfort Design

The XJ1 Seat is the perfect seat for the high performing professionals. This sport bucket seat is a fully retractable throne that will satisfy the most demanding of professionals. With a steel frame and high quality components for extra durability and loads of options to fine tune it to your needs, XJ1-Sport-Seat is ready for battle.

Head and Lumbar Support

To provide additional support and comfort, Armor includes two comfortable pillows for your head and lumbar region. Focus on the game!

Breathable Fine Napa Leather

Near-Field Technologies have not skimped on quality materials when it comes to the Sports-Seat’s surface. The breathable leather is pleasant to the touch and will stay fresh while you do what you need to do on the Bench

Continuous Reclining Design

With the XJ1 Seat you are not restricted to fixed steps when reclining your chair. Instead of being limited to a few options, you can find the exact point that maximizes your comfort and stay there.

180º Reclining

The XJ1 Seat allows you to recline up to 180º. Stay straight while watching and lie down for resting. This reclining action is designed to assist the medical rejuvenation cabinet in order to maximise the Rest and Elevate aspects of the RICE injury protocol.

3D Adjustable Arm Rest

Ready to suit your needs, the XJ1 Seat’s arm rests allow the athlete the ability to adjust his armrest in four different ways, three dimensions and eight directions.

Full Steel Frame

The XJ1 Seat’s bones are made up of steel, not only guaranteeing long term durability, but also providing a strong support for the athlete’s body.

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